Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gotta keep updating.

I need to make a note on my desktop saying, "UPDATE BLOG." Maybe that will put it through my head to come on more often. It's something to get used to. I need to treat it like Facebook, being one of the first things that come into my mind when I come online.

ANYHOW, I took Focus for a swim today. She loved it, absolutely loved it. She's been in heat since the 13th, so her outside activities were minimalized. Plus, I've been sick the past week so that also put a damper on our outside play time.

Monday, 16 May 2011

JLM Always On The Ball, "Focus."

Focus is a medium-smooth coated female red and white Border Collie from She is 19.5 inches at the shoulders and 30lbs. She was born on March 28th 2009 in Kelowna, BC out of Keen-eye Sky by Diesel. Focus has a great temperment and incredible structure. She is still in training for agility, and soon going to be training for flyball, herding, and disc dog. She is CEA normal through genetics, and her CERF, and hip scores are pending. She's an all around incredible dog and I can't thank Jennifer enough for her. :)

YAY for new blog!

Well, I thought I should try this whole blog thing out! It might be fun posting about mine and Focus' crazy life! You'll most likely find posts about everything and anything around Focus, agility, dog training, questions about agility, breeding, training. Anything about dogs! That pretty much explains it. I also do photography and hope to start a pet photography studio. So i'll upload lots and lots of pictures too. :) Like it says in my description I ma open to constructive critacism, and tips on breeding and agility! I need to learn and know your opinions on things.